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1. 3-Stjernet A/S  The brand leader in Denmark of Salami, Pepperoni and other dry sausages with exports world wide. ... URL: http://www.3-stjernet.com
2. 3D World  URL: http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/goya/280
3. 4. International Newline Triathlon Fredericia, Den  5. International Newline Triathlon Fredericia. 5. august 2000. URL: http://www.fretri.dk
4. 1999 World Masters Orienteering Championship  URL: http://mmm.uni-c.dk/wmoc99
5. A match in world class chess  URL: http://hjem.get2net.dk/allen_campbell
6. A tribute to Tori Amos  Experience a world of beautiful music. Performed by the beautiful artist, Tori Amos. URL: http://start.at/tori
7. AB Band  L�s om det ber�mte AB Band, der netop har sendt deres fjerde CD p� gaden. H�r de fantastiske sang... URL: http://www.abband.com
8. Acceptcard Pro Cycling  Brian Holm, Sportsdirekt�r: Acceptcard Pro Cycling er et hold med store ambitioner for fremtiden,... URL: http://www.acceptcard-pro-cycling.dk
9. AD One direct  ad-one. com is one of the leaders in e-commerce and dot com marketing in Scandinavia URL: http://www.ad-one.dk
10. AD ONE reklamebureau  AD ONE er et no-nonsense reklamebureau, der fremstiller reklame til print og internet, der giver ... URL: http://www.adone.dk
11. Add4Free  Submit your site to lots of search engines, awards and other hits getting places! Its Free! URL: http://www.add4free.dk
12. Adventure Divers  Adventure Divers website. K�benhavns st�rste PADI dykkerskole. Her findes information om PADI dyk... URL: http://www.divers.dk
13. Adventure World  URL: http://www.adventureworld.dk
14. Advice  World Law and audit URL: http://www.danbbs.dk/~advice
15. Agora A/S  Dansk Internet Udbyder / Danish ISP URL: http://www.agora.dk/index.htm
16. Agora A/S  Dansk Internet Udbyder / Danish ISP URL: http://www.agora.dk
17. AH Service  Instrument Engineer's travel to all parts of the world solving problems. URL: http://www.ahinst.suite.dk
18. Aller Denmark  URL: http://www.aller.dk
19. ALPAP Emballage A/S  ALPAP Emballage A/S: Gave �sker, Gifts, Boxes, Box board, Presentation packaging, Pr�sentations f... URL: http://www.alpap.com
20. alt.net  URL: http://www.altnet.dk
21. Amager.Net  URL: http://www.amager.net
22. Ambu International A/S  Ambu is a world leader in the development, production and sale of high-quality lifecare products ... URL: http://www.ambu.dk
23. AmpWeb.Net I/S  Amplified Webhosting & Webdesign Net - Danmark - The World URL: http://www.ampweb.net
24. Anabolic World  Anabolic Steroids, Bodybuilding ect. A must-see site!!! URL: http://welcome.to/anabolicworld
25. Anne Eltard  Anne Eltard, rytmisk violinist. Spiller bl. a. med verdens musik orkestret Polkageist URL: http://w1.1353.telia.com/~u135300742
26. Aqua-Wall Danmark A/S  Et dansk-designet, verdenspatenteret produkt, som forbedrer indeklimaet i kontorlandskaber, er de... URL: http://www.aqua-wall.dk
27. Arcon Scandinavia ApS  Arcon Norway AS - Har du h�rproblemer, potensproblemer, mangler du energi eller har du d�rlig dri... URL: http://www.arcon-world-wide.com
28. Arcon Solvarme A/S  Since the beginning of 1974, ARCON Solvarme A/S has been one of the pioneering firms in productio... URL: http://www.arcon.dk
29. Arctic Circle Race  Arctic Circle Race 2000 URL: http://www.acr.gl
30. Aries Denmark  Aries vane gear, tough selfsteering for boats that go offshore. The greatest vane gear in the wor... URL: http://www.selfsteer.dk
31. Art Of Me.com  Art Of Me. com - free webart - webdesign, for artists all over the world - Musicians, singers, pa... URL: http://www.artofme.com
32. AVIS Danmark  Danmarks stoerste biludlejningsselskab, world wide udlejning URL: http://www.avis.dk
33. Awilco/Friwo Scandinavia  World leading manufacturer of power supplies and chargers in standard and switch mode technique. ... URL: http://www.awilco.dk
34. Background-Heaven!  Many seamless and original, free backgrounds to find here. Watch out, though, some of them are pr... URL: http://www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/4818
35. Backstreet World  URL: http://home6.inet.tele.dk/strit/backstreet-world
36. Balancado  URL: http://kursist.artlab.dk/users/nielsl
37. Bang og Olufsen  Visit Bang & Olufsen's official homepage and experience the magical world of aesthetic design... URL: http://www.bang-olufsen.com
38. Basispoint  URL: http://www.basispoint.com
39. Bella Luna ApS  URL: http://www.bellaluna.dk
40. BellCon I/S  BellCon I/S Banknote Counterfeit Detection and banknote sorting Equipment. Manufacturer and suppl... URL: http://www.bellcon.dk
41. Belman Production A/S  Compensators and Bellows - for equalising pressure and vibrations as well as mechanical and therm... URL: http://www.belman.dk
42. Bergs�e 2 Gruppen A/S  reklamebureau - internet - markedsf�ring - web-design - multimedia. URL: http://www.bergsoe2.dk
43. Bernic  BERNIC electronic Enclosure Systems is a world class manufacturing company supplying customized a... URL: http://www.bernic.dk
44. Bikers World  URL: http://www.bikers-world.dk
45. Bjarnes World Wide Web side  Danish EDB support URL: http://www.cyberinfo.dk
46. Bj�rns Wrestling Shows  Asbj�rn Riis, Wrestling-school, Shows, Film og meget mere - UBEHAGELIGT - YEAAHH !!! URL: http://www.bjorns-wrestling.dk
47. Bodyguard and security services world-wide  Bodyguard and Security Services available World-wide for V. I. P's, Corporated, and others URL: http://hjem.get2net.dk/rc
48. Bosch Telecom A/S  Bosch Telecom Danmark A/S is constantly on the outlook for qualified employees, primarily enginee... URL: http://www.bosch-telecom.dk
49. Handy Boy for Nintendo thumbs  Welcome to Handy Boys alphabetized world of Pokemon. Free Pokemon email fanzine, get letter by le... URL: http://www.kammeratx.dk
50. Brabrand by  FRAGNER INTERACTIVE leverer serverplads og udvikling af materiale til World Wide Web sider p� Int... URL: http://www.brabrandby.dk
51. Bridicum A/S  Bridicum : Website dedicated to bringing the world the latest information pertaining to computer ... URL: http://www.bridicum.dk
52. Br�ndby World  Alt om Brøndby IF: Nyheder, resultater, links, multimedier, m. m. URL: http://start.at/brondby-world
53. Caljan A/S  Caljan is a World Class Manufacturer of Telescopic Loading and Unloading Systems. URL: http://www.caljan.com
54. Carnegie WorldWide  Investeringsforeningen Carnegie WorldWide er en dansk investeringsforening, der prim�rt henvender... URL: http://www.cww.dk
55. Cartoonsworld  URL: http://www.cartoonsworld.dk
56. Casual World  the biggest fan site about casual URL: http://casual.ukweb.nu
57. Cattery Bengalis  Welcome to Cattery Bengalis . This homepage gives you all information about the modern European S... URL: http://www.bengalis.dk
58. CD-Rom shop DK  A world full of games for PC, and much, much more. . . . . URL: http://www.cdrom-shop.dk
59. CD-Rom World  CD-ROM internetshop. Games, erotic and multimedia on CD-ROM. URL: http://www.cdromworld.dk
60. CdRom World A/S  A world full of games for PC, Playstation, Nintendo 64 and much, much more. . . . . URL: http://www.cdromworld.dk
61. Center for Tilg�ngelighed  URL: http://www.centil.dk
62. Center for Udviklingsforskning  Center for Udviklingsforskning er en uafh�ngig forskningsinstitution under Udenrigsministeriet. C... URL: http://www.cdr.dk
63. Centrebet  Centrebet is one of world's biggest international bookmakers. Bet on-line . Welcome to Centrebet`... URL: http://www.centrebet.com
64. Charles Klem A/S  Denmark's lagerst importer and distributor of world wide known brands of wine, spirits, liqueurs ... URL: http://www.charles-klem.dk
65. Chat World  URL: http://www.chatworld.dk
66. Chesshouse  Everything in chess from one of the largest stock in the world URL: http://www.algonet.se/~chesshou
67. Chris-Wine A/S  URL: http://www.chris-wine.dk
68. Dennis Christiansen  URL: http://www.d-d.southpark.homepage.com
69. City Flower Of The World  Welcome to City Flower Of The World - An International Video Art Project. Here You can participat... URL: http://www.nmcenter.dk/cityflower/index.htm
70. City Flower of the World  URL: http://www.nmcenter.dk/cityflower
71. Clan Zleepers. Counter Strike controls this world  URL: http://www.zleepers.subnet.dk
72. ClanWorld  [ClanWorld] 3D Action Games, First Person Shooters, Quake/Quake2/Quake3/Half-Life/Unreal/. . Clan... URL: http://www.clanworld.dk
73. ClanWorld  [ClanWorld] 3D Action Games, First Person Shooters, Quake/Quake2/Quake3/Half-Life/Unreal/. . Clan... URL: http://www.clanworld.org
74. Cleanshave  The music on the Cleanshave CD combines Neo - Jazz, funk, Rock, African, World music and Free For... URL: http://home4.inet.tele.dk/flemb/cleanshave.html
75. Club Cru Class�  Info on Cult-wines, tastings on old/rare wines, membership with gift for members (wooden wine-cas... URL: http://welcome.to/wine
76. Club Cru Class�  URL: http://users.cybercity.dk/~bkb2700
77. Comic World  URL: http://www.comicworld.subnet.dk
78. Committee for World Peace  URL: http://www.tibet.dk/charity/worldpeace.htm
79. Compare EDB Service ApS  URL:
80. Complete  URL: http://www.rhk.dk/users/nikolajb/complete
81. Compuware A/S  Compuware Corporation, with revenues of over $1 billion, is a leading provider of software and pr... URL: http://www.compuware.dk
82. CookCraft  alesi, allesi, alessi, watson, henry watson, wattson, watsson, suffolk, knive, global knive, glob... URL: http://www.cookcraft.dk
83. Corton Ltd.  URL: http://www.nwnet.co.uk/sjtrading/index.htm
84. Cottonfield Cup 1999  The World Championship of Match Racing. Sponsored by Cottonfield by Carli Gry. URL: http://www.sail.dk
85. Craft World  CraftWorld - alpacauldst�j af h�j kvalitet URL: http://www.craftworld.net
86. Creative Impulse  Creative Impulse - a revolutionary approach to creating exciting patterns using the computer - de... URL: http://www.creativeimpulse.dk
87. CykelNet.dk  Cykelnet. dk - Danmarks samlingspunkt for cykelhandlere og cykelinteresserede URL: http://www.cykelnet.dk
88. International AIDS dag, d.1 december  Det handler om at s�tte AIDS p� dagsordnen igen. Og genopv�kke beredskabet over for den fare, som... URL: http://www.aids-dag.dk
89. Dagens-joke  Dagens-joke er en mailingliste der dagligtsender danske jokes til danskerne. URL: http://www.dagens-joke.dk
90. Danacom A/S  DANACOM designs, manufactures and markets lightweight headsets for the world-wide telecommunicati... URL: http://www.danacom.com
91. Danex Export Marketing  International Trade & Business Resources: Marketing Advertising Reports & EBooks, Trade Leads Sub... URL: http://www.danex-exm.dk
92. Danish Corner  The Worlds-Best condoms are top quality condoms which are available in many variants: Different s... URL: http://www.danish-corner.dk
93. Danish Corner  The Worlds-Best condoms are top quality condoms which are available in many variants: Different s... URL: http://www.danish-corner.dk
94. Danish Jersey Export  Danish Jersey Cows are world Famous. Danish Jersey Export has specialized in exporting this uniq... URL: http://www.djexport.dk
95. Danish Olympic Tornado Team  Going for the 2000 Olympics, results, entry for World Cup 1999 URL: http://www.gbar.dtu.dk/~c971707
96. Danseteatret Terpsichore  Danish based Dancetheatre Terpsichore was founded in 1991 and is inspired by ethnic music and dan... URL: http://www.djembe.dk/bands/terp
97. Dansk Blindesamfund  Dansk Blindesamfund URL: http://www.dkblind.dk
98. Dansk CykelNet  Alt om dansk og udenlandsk professionel cykelsport. Ryttere, L�b, Resultater. Nyheder fra den pro... URL: http://users.cybercity.dk/~bkb1782
99. Dansk LinkService  URL: http://www.dls-web.com
100. Dansk Web Bureau  Velkommen hos Dansk Web Bureau - Totalleverand�r af intelligente l�sninger p� Internet. URL: http://www.dwb.dk
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